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Reverbnation  www.reverbnation/steelpetals

Other sites of Interest

Industrial Guitars  Best lap steels on the planet!

Hanson Guitars  Guitars that just ooze of cool.

Mantis Records  Just ask Mitch, the bearded master of pro tools.

Ben Williams Photography  Steel Petals photographer.

65 amps  Worth every penny.  Save your money cuz it’s the last amp you’ll ever buy.

James Trussart guitars  Coupled with a 65 amp, you may have to part ways with a portion of your kids college education.  Our understanding is that Starbucks offers health insurance so don’t mind Junior, he’ll be fine.  Besides, strike a chord with this guitar and that amp and you may quite frankly be on your way to taking over the world!!  Muahhhhh!!!!

Fulltone guitar effects  Some of the best pedals money can buy.

Analogman  No one knows pedals better!

The Black Keys  Akron, Ohio’s one and only.

The Black Crowes  Need I say more?

Mofro  God set aside a special day to create JJ Grey.

Wren and Cuff  Jeff uses the Pickle Pie-B for a tasty fuzz bass tone.

Magic Garden Mastering  Brian Lucey mastered our latest release, Ligero

Learning Guitar Now John Tuggle is the shiznit for slide guitar lessons.