Steel Petals is a band based out of Charleston, S.C. that is known for their multiple interpretations of blues based rock and roll. Steel Petals incorporates modern rock, acid blues, and roots rock into a rich blend of dynamic southern swagger.  When describing Steel Petals music, Mathew Godbey of the Post and Courier says, ”There is a darkness, a certain swampy sinfulness …creating a colorful collage of regionally defining genres.”

Steel Petals most recent album, Ligero (pronounced Le-hair-oh) was released in the fall of 2012. From the slinky groove of “Bonhomme Richard” to the gnashing teeth of “Black Diamond” and the gospel exalt of “Glory of One” Steel Petals display their adeptness at embracing blues based rock in all its forms.

Ligero was recorded at Ohlson’s Straight Chile Studio on Daniel Island, S.C. between January-July 2012. It was mixed by Ohlson and Mitch Webb at Mantis Records in North Charleston, S.C. and was mastered by Brian Lucey (Black Keys, O.A.R) at Magic Garden Mastering in Columbus, Ohio.  The final track, “Glory of One” features Jerry DePizzo of OAR, along with their touring horn section, Tripledip. The CD release party was held at Awendaw Green on October 12th, 2012.

After spending the early part of 2013 performing and promoting the new album, Steel Petals welcomed drummer Preston Barnes into the band and spent the remainder of the year writing and recording new material.

Blake Ohlson


Steel Petals began in 2003 by guitarist, singer/songwriter Blake Ohlson, who is originally from Cleveland, OH.  He first began playing guitar at age 13.  Bitten by the “blues bug” during college, he spent countless hours learning the riffs of greats such as Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Eric Clapton and Duane Allman. He soon began writing songs and catchy riffs that would later become the foundation of the Steel Petals sound. Ohlson states, “I can play a little bit of everything, be it piano, drums or whatever.  I love the guitar and can hold my own pretty well.  But it took me a few years to figure out that good guitar players are a dime a dozen whereas good songwriters are not.  I love a good guitar lead like the next guy but write a killer song and you can shake up the world.”

Always drawn by the “Sound of the South”, Ohlson moved with his wife and family to Charleston, S.C. in 2007 where he began practicing as an orthopaedic surgeon.  Steel Petals was soon summoned to life as a new lineup began to take shape. The current lineup consists of Shank Wilson on drums and Jeff Narkiewicz on bass. Introduced with a fresh lineup of seasoned musicians, Ohlson points out that “the sound you hear today by the band is really what I had floating around in my head for the past ten years.  It just took eight of the ten to figure out who and how to do it.”
Blake along with his wife and two boys reside on Daniel Island, S.C.  He spends his time between family, music and maintaining a busy surgical practice.

Jeff Narkiewicz


Hailing from the concrete suburbs of New Jersey, Jeff wrapped up his studies at WVU, then promptly jumped in the van and began touring throughout the South and East. It was after playing shows at Cumberlands and the Windjammer in the late 90′s that he decided the sand and sun of the Lowcountry was preferable to the gloomy skies of the Mountain State.
Since then, he has performed and recorded with numerous bands, joining Steel Petals in the fall of 2010.
Along with making music, Jeff also makes wooden puzzle boxes, which can be found at the Charleston City Market and at